Because alcohol impairs judgement and suppresses immune response, it presents additional safety risks beyond those associated with food and beverage sharing. Additionally, recent data indicates that bar and restaurant settings are increasingly the source of outbreaks. As such, hosting events or any sort with alcohol are discouraged.

Should an event be planned that involves the presence of alcoholic beverages, it must have protocols in place to comply with NMSU policy, NM state alcoholic beverage laws, and the event must be approved by the organization advisor using the Activity Registration Form (ARF). This applies to both on-campus and off-campus events.

Of special note – IFC fraternities and CPH sororities must follow IFC and Panhellenic Council policies as well as their national or international risk management policies associated with events involving alcohol.

It is expected that all chartered student organizations will have their activities (sponsored, authorized, sanctioned, and/or financed) approved by the group’s faculty/staff advisor. The student organization is responsible for assuring that alcohol consumption does not detrimentally affect the health and well-being of those attending the event. Chartered student organizations may hold events involving alcoholic beverages under the following conditions:

  • The possession, sale, use or consumption of alcoholic beverages, in public areas of the campus is prohibited. Any situation sponsored, authorized, sanctioned, endorsed, and/or financed by a chartered student organization must be in compliance with any and all applicable laws and rules of the state, county, city, and New Mexico State University, and must comply with either BYOB or third party vendor guidelines. In addition, the event or activity must be approved by the group’s faculty/staff advisor.
  • No alcoholic beverage may be purchased through a chartered student organization’s funds, nor may the purchase of alcohol for members or guests be undertaken or coordinated by any member in the name of, or on behalf of, the chartered student organization. The purchase or use of bulk quantity or common sources of such alcoholic beverage (i.e. kegs or cases) shall be prohibited.
  • Open events, meaning those with unrestricted access to non-members of the chartered student organization, without specific invitation, where alcohol is present, are prohibited.
  • No members, collectively or individually shall purchase for, serve to, or sell alcoholic beverages to any minor (i.e. those under legal drinking age).
  • No chartered undergraduate student organization (an organization whose membership is primarily made up of students under the age of 21) may enterinto an agreement to co-sponsor an event with an alcohol distributor, charitable organization or tavern (tavern defined as an establishment generating more than half of the annual gross sales from alcohol) where alcohol is given away, sold, or otherwise provided to those present.
  • No chartered student organization may co-sponsor or co-finance a function where alcohol is purchased by any of the host organizations or groups.
  • All membership recruitment activities associated with any undergraduate student organization (an organization whose membership is primarily made up of students under the age of 21) shall be alcohol free.
  • No alcohol shall be present at any new member activity of any chartered student organization.
  • The chartered student organization or organizations must establish active precautionary measures to ensure that alcoholic beverages are not served to persons under the legal drinking age or to persons who appear to be intoxicated.
  • No event shall include any form of “drinking contest” or encourage the rapid consumption of alcohol in the activity or its promotion.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages and non-salty food must be available at the same place as the alcoholic beverages. Food and non-alcoholic beverages must be featured as prominently as the alcoholic beverages.