Report Access Barriers

We strive to ensure all students at New Mexico State University have an equitable college education experience.

If you encounter anything inaccessible here at NMSU's services, courses, programs or activities, please let us know.  Some things include:

Physical:  Conditions in any structural environment that prevent or impede an individual with a disability from efficiently navigating the setting
Media format:  Information that is not available in a readable format for individuals with disabilities
Technology:  Software, electronic, or physical technologies that are not adaptable for use with assistive devices
Systemic:  Procedures, protocols, or policies that place undue burdens on individuals with disabilities
Perception:  False expectations that individuals with disabilities are unable to contribute as much as their peers who have no disabilities

While DAS will try to remove barriers through reasonable resources, all situations may not be corrected in the preferred manner.

Please ensure that all information in this form, including your contact information, is as accurate as possible so that we can easily contact you for more information if necessary. 

We appreciate you sharing identified barriers and concerns with us. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please contact Disability Access Services at or (575) 646-6840. 


(Credit and thanks to the Student Accessibility Office at the University of Central Florida for this website idea)