Each campus has an identified Academic Conduct Officer (ACO) whose role is to provide procedural guidance to faculty or academic administrators related to academic misconduct allegations. The ACO also facilitates administrative and communication processes including notification documentation between the University (faculty, deans, etc.) and the student(s)  The ACO works directly with the Office of Student Conduct & Community Development (SCCD) in the department of Student Life.

The Office of Student Conduct & Community Development, supervised by the Senior Associate Dean of Students, serves as a centralized organization established to educate students, faculty, and staff about the Student Academic Code of Conduct, respond to potential academic misconduct by New Mexico State students, and facilitate remediation efforts for students found responsible for violations of the Student Academic Code of Conduct.


Academic integrity and its role in society is key to how cases are handled by NMSU Academic Conduct Officers and the SCCD staff.  "Accountability" is one of the 5 NMSU Core Values and it speaks specifically to the expectation of NMSU students to behave with integrity and honor - essential components of professionalism and citizenship.   


  1. Campus Academic Conduct Officers (ACOs) will work directly with faculty & others to facilitate and manage the processing of each case.
  2. The Office of Student Conduct & Community Development shall have the authority to create processes and operating procedures to implement the student academic code of conduct and enforce the rules described in the following sections.
  3. The Office of Student Conduct & Community Development shall be responsible for maintaining records and for coordinating communication, prevention, training, remediation, and adjudication efforts for the New Mexico State University. Additionally, it shall provide assistance to members of the University community when questions or concerns arise pertaining to academic misconduct.
  4. The Office of Student Conduct & Community Development will oversee the operations and functioning of the Student Academic Hearing Board, a body of students and faculty established to hear and adjudicate academic misconduct cases.


As Aggies, we are accountable for our behavior and actions. Accountability means more than just doing what's right - it is an obligation to make things better and to do things in ways that further the goals of New Mexico State University.