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Student Involvement and Leadership Programs



NMSU is committed to the safety and well-being of our students.
As concerns for COVID-19 grow, we want our community to
be aware of the University’s actions and statements.
For updates to NMSU facilities hours and programming
due to COVID-19, please click the link: 

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The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership Programs offers outside the classroom involvement, an essential complement to the student’s academics. Our program/services are non-academic and are provided directly to the student.

The goal of Student Involvement and Leadership Programs is to promote involvement, interpersonal and leadership development, service learning, and civic responsibility by providing educational/developmental programs and activities to the students, therefore enhancing outside the classroom learning. Leadership and personal growth opportunities are offered through involvement in Student Organizations, Greek Life, and more.

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SILP COVID-19 Policies

If any student organization or department has questions about events they want to host, or are considering ideas for events but aren’t sure if they will be approved or how to approach them, PLEASE email us at  We are committed to helping groups find ways to successfully do as much as possible, and would love to be a resource for you in determining the best ways to move forward with your ideas within the parameters of the COVID policies.

UPDATED: July 1, 2021 | 

In accordance with the latest announcement from the state, all limitations on gathering capacities have been lifted. Therefore there is no limit to group size indoor or outdoor, other than the 100% capacity limit of the location.

  • Masks are not required for anyone who has been vaccinated, but of course vaccinated individuals can choose to continue wearing them as their preference dictates. 
  • Masks are expected to be worn by individuals who have not been vaccinated, and it’s encouraged that you create signage at your event setting that expectation. 
    • “You, as individuals or supervisors, are within your rights to ask about someone’s vaccination status, but they are under no obligation to answer you. You are also within your rights to ask anyone who says they aren’t vaccinated or who declines to answer to follow protocols by wearing a mask and maintaining social distance.” – NMSU Now, June 10, 2021
  • Food is allowed at events, and we encourage you to take these guidelines into account as you decide what to offer:
    • Buffet style food allowed, but please designate 1 to 2 servers versus each person serving their own food. Servers should use gloves.
    • Plan to provide single-use items such as cups, plates, cutlery, and napkins to participants so they aren't reusing or sharing their items.
  • All Together New Mexico is still an active guide outlining parameters and expectations for specific kinds of events.  When planning your event, please make sure to consult the guide and if you’re planning an event included within, incorporate those guidelines into your planning process.

These are free NM Safe Certified Trainings for Recreational Facilities, Entertainment Venues, Golf Courses, Retail, Restaurants, Office and Call Centers, GYMs:





Events, Activities, & Meetings

Based on CDC College and university and ACHA guidance, convening in groups carries an increased risk of viral transmission. This information, combined with the extremely limited number of large spaces that allow for indoor physical distancing as well as catering limitations the vast majority of meetings, events, and activities should be held virtually using online collaboration tools (e.g., Zoom, MS Teams, Google Hangouts). All students have free access to Zoom, a collaborative meeting tool supported by NMSU ICT, and the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership Programs will continue to provide information and resources related to online engagement.

Limited in-person events hosted by student organizations will be permitted. For the health and safety of the NMSU community, the following guidelines have been put in place for student organization sponsored events until further notice. Any student organization event, regardless of location, must meet all these directives to be fully aligned with NMSU’s policies and expectations.

On-campus residents will have limited access to campus buildings. Students living off campus during Fall 2020 are not permitted to be in residence halls or apartments as visitors campus unless specifically granted permission by Housing & Residential Life.

Rule Enforcement & Accountability

Maintaining a healthy campus environment is the responsibility of all members of the university community. In addition to individual responsibility, members of the community should foster accountability in the people around them and should address instances of non-compliance directly, if they are comfortable and it is safe to do so. Student Organizations should also adhere to all policies and responsibilites as a chartered organization at the university. The Organizations Rights and Resopnsibilities can be found here. 

Each in-person event must have at least one designated event host who represents the organization and is responsible for ensuring all guidelines are followed. If an attendee refuses to follow established guidance, they should be asked to leave and may be reported for non-compliance.

Alleged violations of these policies by a student or student organization should be reported to the Office of the Dean of Students, or 575-646-1722.

Potential consequences for failure to abide by these policies may include, but are not limited to warnings, loss of privileges, revocation of university charter and frozen financial accounts.