The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership Programs is responsible for the interpretation and administration of the Contract Approval Policy, the Freedom of Expression Policy, the Fund Raising/Sales and Solicitation Policy, the Film Policy, and the Posting Policy. Details of these policies can be found below. For further discussion or questions regarding these policies, visit our office or contact us

Contract Approval and FAQ’s

Freedom of Expression Policy

  1. Policy and Procedural Guidelines
  2. FAQs

If you have a complaint or concern regarding the freedom of expression policy, please contact the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership Programs 

Fund Raising/Sales and Solicitation Policy

Posting Policy

See NMSU’s Administrative Rules and Procedures (ARP), Rule 3.63 – Freedom of Expression

Public Display of Motion Pictures Guidelines

  1. Complete the Event Registration Process  – Read SILP Event Registration Process for Instructions
  2. Contact Swank Motion Picture, Inc. or Criterion Pictures USA to get the rights (License) to screen a movie.

To Obtain Public Performance License

Obtaining a public performance license is relatively easy and usually requires no more than a phone call or email. Fees are determined by such factors as the number of times a particular movie is going to be shown, how large the audience will be and so forth. While fees vary, they are generally inexpensive for smaller performances. Most licensing fees are based on a particular performance or set of performances for specified films The major firms that handle these licenses include: