Requirements for Recognition

Organizations are required to renew their recognition on yearly basis each April. This will be accomplished by the president or chief student leader completing all of the elements of the recognition process in Crimson Connection, the advisor completing the Annual Advisor Agreement Form, the chief student leader or president completing the Risk Management Training Quiz, and the chief student leader confirming they have reviewed ASNMSU Financial Procedure process.

4 requirements to be an ROS (Recognized Student Organization)

1.Complete the Registration/Re-Regisgtration process.

2. Have your Advisor complete the Advisor Agreement Form found in the forms section of Crimson Connection.

3. Chief Student Leader/President complete the Risk Management Training Quiz found in the Recognition process and also the forms section of Crimson Connection. 

4. Chief Student Leader/President confirm they have reviewed the ASNMSU Financial Procedure process. 

Student Organization Re-Recognition will open April 3, 2023 and must be completed by April 30, 2023.

Students can create a student organization at any time. To do so, go to and log in. Click organizations and hit the regsiter a new organization button. Be sure to follow the requirments below. If you are having trouble, please contact the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership programs at 575-646-3200 or email


Once the Recognition forms have been completed, the Student Involvement and Leadership Programs will verify that the documents are in compliance with the Administrative Policies and Procedures of New Mexico State University. The Student Organization will be considered in good standing once the Recognition Forms have been submitted in Crimson Connection and have been approved by a member of the SILP staff. 



A president (or chief student leader) and treasurer (or finance officer) are the only required student positions for recognized student organizations.  Other officer positions, however, may (and should) be officially listed on your organization’s roster so that they may access the information and resources that are available through Crimson Connection and SILP.


The organization is required to have at least one a currently employed NMSU faculty or staff member to serve as the primary advisor. Graduate students and individuals who are not employed by NMSU may serve as secondary advisors. Non-NMSU employees who wish to serve in official secondary advisor capacity must have a recognized affiliation to the national or external organization which the student organization represents, and show a form of support from that national or external entity to serve in the advising role. All advisors are required to complete an annual training as part of the recognition process.


The officers of the organization may be part time or full time students (graduate or undergraduate) registered for the current semester at the main campus of NMSU.

Governing Documents

Every student organization will be required to upload the most recent version of the organization’s constitution and/or bylaws for recognition by Student Involvement and Leadership Programs. The organization will be contacted if any changes to the governing documents are needed.  For new organizations or organizations changing their constitutions or bylaws independently, here is a template to assist in the process of ensuring those documents meet NMSU requirements.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the SILP office at or 575-646-3200.