Covid-19 Vaccine/Testing Upload FAQ's

 Enrolled on main campus and I only have online classes, do I still need proof of vaccine / COVID test?

  • No, you will not need to submit either weekly testing results or proof of vaccination as long as you are not physically on campus. The moment you come to campus you will be subject to submitting weekly testing results or proof of vaccination.

I am vaccinated but am not eligbile to recieve my booster by the Feb. 9th 2022 deadline

  • No worries, you just need to make sure and get your booster vaccine withing four (4) weeks of becoming eligible from your last vaccine and upload your vaccine card to Crimson Connection or the Vaxtrax system. 
    • *Boosters - If you were vaccinated with:
      • Pfizer or Moderna - 5 months after last dose
      • Johnson and Johnson - 2 months after last dose

Do I have to get the booster as a student?

  • No, you do not have to get the booster, however, if you choose not to get the booster, you will have to start uploading weekly tests to the Crimson Connection upload form starting February 9th, 2022.

I am unable to connect with VPN client. Followed the instructions step by step; still not able to log in.  What do I do next?

  • If you are able to come to campus, you can upload your testing results or proof of vaccination at any computer lab or any device connected to the NMSU network.
  • You can contact the ICT Help Desk at 575-646-1840 for help troubleshooting issues with setting up the VPN.
  • You can also submit your tests or vaccine cards at to Crimson Connection under the forms tab once you sign in with your NMSU login. 

My test result came back positive again; NMDOH contacted me and explained that I will keep testing positive if I get tested weekly, should I continue testing?

  • Yes, you will need to submit your COVID-19 Testing Tracking as a self-report type in VaxTrax. From there you will be exempted from submitting testing results for 90 days after a positive COVID test.

Received my COVID test from VAULT; took it and sent it out; am worried if I don’t get results in time by midnight deadline on Thursday, what will happen?

  • If you miss a testing submission deadline, upload your results as soon as you receive them to avoid sanctions.

How do I obtain an exemption request?

  • Medical or Religious exemptions can be obtained through the Office of Institutional Equity (
  • Medical and/or Religious exemptions do not exempt you from submitting weekly COVID test results. There are no exemptions from testing at this time.

 What if my results don’t arrive in time to upload by deadline, what are my consequence?

Is there a way to confirm my vaccine information was properly uploaded? I continue to receive emails reminding me to upload.

  • You will receive an email if there is an issue with your upload or if your upload was rejected and a reason. You will also receive an email once your upload has been approved.

With the deadline approaching; my vaccination will not take place until the day after. May I submit at a later date?

  • Yes, students who miss the deadline but have received at least one dose should still submit proof that the first dose was received. You will need to re-upload your proof once the second dose has been received.

Here is a copy of my vaccination card as I had trouble uploading to VAXTRAX; is this acceptable?

  • If you are able to come to campus to upload your proof of vaccination or weekly testing results, you can upload your testing results or proof of vaccination at any computer lab or any device connected to the NMSU network.
  • You can contact the ICT Help Desk at 575-646-1840 for help troubleshooting issues with setting up the VPN.

What are some common errors when uploading a document to VaxTrax?

  • The name and/or date submitted in the system does not match the name and/or date on the document.
  • Two shots were selected in the system but only one date was included on the document.
  • The name of the manufacturer is not included on the document.
  • The lot # is not noted on the document.
  • The submitted document is not legible.
  • The submitted document is not valid.
  • If you need to request a new vaccination document, visit or the provider from which you received the vaccination.

What kinds of COVID tests are accepted?

  • Antigen or PCR tests
  • Antibody tests will not be accepted

Is there testing available at NMSU-Las Cruces?

  • NMSU is offering the COVID-19 PCR testing at no cost to students, and tests are available to non-students through insurance coverage. The testing site is located in parking lot No. 27, north of Piñon Hall, and is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. Visit to schedule an appointment.

What if I have a vaccine other than Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, or Moderna?

  • As long as it is accepted within the US as being eligible, then that is ok. When you upload your card through the Crimson Connection form, you can choose the other option and tell us the name.