New Student Application- Application to be filled out when first requesting our services. This application is filled out in order to receive appropriate support for your disability while attending NMSU.

Verification Form- This form is available for the student to provide to their current or past healthcare providers that can verify their diagnosis or impairment that qualifies them for accommodations due to a disability. This form is submitted to the DAS office when the student does not have copies or access to any supporting documention of their disability.

Credit Adjustment Form - Form to be filled out when seeking to adjust credit hours for scholarship qualifications for Disability Access Services. 

Student Rights and Responsibilities– Agreement that explains what the student role is in ensuring accommodations are met and outlining the DAS office responsibilities.

Alternate Text Request – For eligible students, this form is used to indicate what books are being requested in an alternate format.

Housing Accommodations Forms – These are used ONLY if you are requesting Accommodations in On-Campus Housing

  • Housing Accommodation Application– to be filled out by the student
  • Housing Verification Form– Top part filled out by the student. The remainder of form to be completed by a licensed clinical professional or health care provider familiar with the history and functional limitations of the student’s condition(s).