Chapter Advisors


The fraternities and sororities at New Mexico State University are mindfully guided by volunteer alumni and faculty/staff advisors. It is expected that advisors working with these organizations are providing mentorship and perspective to officers and members.

As a critical partner, the organization advisor is included in all communication between the university and the organization's leadership. While some organizations maintain a full advisory council or board, it is expected at minimum that each organization document a faculty/staff advisor to remain a recognized entity on campus.

Faculty/Staff Advisor Agreement Form for SILP

When incidents happen, on or off campus, and your members are involved, our staff will serve as the direct contact for response to resolve disciplinary matters.

While incidents of low-level concern and actions of individual behavior on behalf of members will likely be resolved among the organization president and advisor(s), any incident that indicates organization involvement or a culture fostered by the organization will be immediately communicated to the inter/national headquarters.

Our commitment to partnership extends into the investigation and development of all organizations. Our model for self-reporting and informal resolution allows for a joint process in which the campus and inter/national organization build a plan for a successful future for the chapter.

Student Organization Handbook

Privileges and Responsibilities of Recognized Student Organizations

Policies Impacting Student Organizations

Student Social Code of Conduct

Office of Institutional Equity

Prohibition of Bullying, Hazing and Hostile Misconduct (Non-Discriminatory)

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